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High Profile:  

After allegations of Assaulting his girlfriend’s son, client and his girlfriend were arrested for “kidnapping” her children from a supervised visit at a State Department of Social and Health Services building which resulted in an Amber Alert. Client was charged with …. Client was found Not Guilty on all counts and has filed suit against the City of Tacoma.  Results:  Client was acquitted of all counts after jury trial.

Client was charged with allegedly rendering criminal assistance for allegedly helping the suspected getaway driver after the fatal shooting of 4 Lakewood police officers.  Prosecutors wanted a conviction and were asking for 20 years even though our client had no criminal convictions.

Results:  Client’s guilty verdict was overturned by the Appeals Court and the case was returned to the Superior Court to be dismissed with prejudice.  

Client was charged as part of a 36-co-defendant conspiracy case involving the Hilltop Crips gang.  During the jury trial the State had over 6 witnesses alleging that our client was the shooter in this incident. Tacoma News Tribune, Multiple articles 2010 and 2011.

Results:  First trial ended in a hung jury and client received a favorable plea deal before the start of his retrial.  State resolved the case with our client for 1/5th of the time he was initially looking at.  

Violent Felonies

We filed a court brief implicating a person other than our client in the events surrounding this homicide. We raised significant issues as to whether the state could prove their cases beyond a reasonable doubt and they agreed.

Results:  Dismissed

A sixteen year old female alleged that the client had raped her at gun point. We brought alleged victim’s credibility into question.  Our client was adamant that he did no such thing.  We convinced the prosecutor to test the semen samples that the police collected.  The semen samples did not match the DNA profile of our client.

Results:  Dismissed

Drug Possession

We filed a court brief questioning the State Trooper’s motivation for detaining our client after pulling the vehicle over “to render assistance” with a flat tire.  The Trooper failed to mention the tire after the first minute of a two hour detention.

Results:  Dismissed  

Theft/ID Theft

We filed a court brief contesting the grounds for searching the client’s home.   The State offered him 8-1/2 years. Client was facing over 100 years in prison if convicted at trial.

Results:  Dismissed

Firearm Possession

Jury convicts client based on the State’s argument that his physical proximity to the firearms meant he could have easily reached them, thus constructively possessing them.  We argued that in the darkness of a vehicle which the client did not own or drive, there was insufficient evidence to show he even knew they were in the vehicle.  

Results:  The Court of Appeals agreed and returned the case to Superior Court to dismiss the charges.

No attorney can guarantee a result.  Below is a list of some of the cases the firm has handled and the results we have achieved.  Each client’s fact pattern is unique and the facts and the law must be accessed for each individual client’s needs and situation.   

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